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Our goal is to help spread the usage of bitcoin to the lower socioeconomic section of the US population....the ones who need bitcoin the most!

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Begin educating on the use, purpose, and provide answers to those who do not understand the value of collecting this very important bitcoin. We wish to focus on lower socioeconomic areas in the United States.

JMFS Consulting, LLC

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  • JMFS Consulting, LLC is a bitcoin mining company in Hudsonville, MI. The owner has the vision of helping the Bitcoin community expand the usage of Bitcoin, by educating the lower socioeconomic areas of the US, so that they can retain the wealth that they are accumulating. Our mission is to first begin educating on the use, purpose, and provide answers to those who do not understand the value of collecting these valuable coins. We have other projects in the works as well. Our focus will always remain on Bitcoin education to the lower socioeconomic areas of the US.
  • We remain steadfast in our goals to begin educating areas of the US on Bitcoin, that may have otherwise been passed over. We feel that although globalization of this cryptocurrency is good for expansion of the network, there are gaps that can be addressed, and we want to fill those gaps.
  • We will provide solutions to this group of people, in order to assist them in keeping a certain amount of their wealth off exchanges, and in their personal possession. We will educate on the uses of wallets, private keys, accessible secure storage for the cold wallet, as well as seed cards. We are developing teaching aides that can be understood by laypeople.
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  • Access to shop for Everything BTC related.

    From learning resources, to miners. We also provide Blog updates.

  • Bitcoin price trending chart.

    We Offer Bitcoin Price Trending Charts.

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  • Graphic Design

    Logo Design, Animation, and Copyright Services. We also provide Notary Services.

  • Programming

    Web server scripting with Perl/CGI/MySQL/Python 3, as well as simple HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript client - side scripting.


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